Noon (Eastern Standard Time) Music Notions (7.26.18): Jacob’s Ladder (live) by Rush #sportsinquirer #noonmusicnotions #pourtoutpancakes #rush

Music: Jacob’s Ladder (live) by Rush

In the inaugural edition of Noon Music Notions, we’ll go with Jacob’s Ladder by Rush from possibly my favorite era of the band. Actually, the band has been around for so long you can go with stuff from the debut album to 2112 to Moving Pictures to Power Windows to Roll Your Bones to even Snakes & Arrows and it be all good. Expect to see a lot of Rush in this category. Enjoy

Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Music Musings (7.26.18): Orion (live) by Metallica #midnightmusicmusings #sportsinquirer #pourtoutpancakes #metallica

Song: Orion (live) by Metallica

For our first edition of Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Music Musings, I’m going old school. I’ve been on a big Metallica kick lately, particularly the trio albums of Master of Puppets, …And Justice for All  and Ride the Lighting. Orion is the truth and I’ve decided to go with a modern live version which would make the old school fans mad because its not the album cut with Cliff Burton. Respect to those thoughts but I dig this one.