Gridiron Blitz: NFL Picks Week 2


Here are my quick picks for Week Two of the NFL season. Home team in CAPS

Tennessee (-1) JACKSONVILLE: I know the Jaguars had an impressive first week performance at Houston, especially the defense, but I’m still not optimistic about the team this season. It comes down to a lack of trust in Blake Bortles being consistent enough at the quarterback position. The Titans didn’t look great at home last week in a loss to Oakland but still think they will have the advantage today.

BALTIMORE (-7.5) Cleveland: The Ravens had a nice win last week at Cincinnati but that’s not saying much. The Browns showed some life last week against Pittsburgh but is still a long way from being competent.

CAROLINA (-7) Buffalo: This has the potential to be the breakout game for the Panthers’ offense especially with the addition of Christian McCaffrey.

NEW ORLEANS (+6.5) New England: The Patriots still win the game but I have a feeling we’re going to see a high-scoring affair with a field goal deciding the contest.


KANSAS CITY (-5) Philadelphia: I picked Oakland to win the AFC West and Dallas to finish first in the NFC East but the two teams facing off today may be the best teams in those respective divisions. The Chiefs are legit championship contenders even though the Eric Berry injury hurts those chances greatly. If Alex Smith can continue to connect on the vertical passing game with those weapons, good times for the Kansas City offense. The Giants and Washington are bad and Cowboys are an Ezekiel Elliott suspension away from being in trouble. Why not the Eagles as division champs?

PITTSBURGH (-7.5) Minnesota: A Super Bowl 9 rematch! Take the Steelers by double-digits especially with Sam Bradford being out for the Vikings.

TAMPA (-7) Chicago: A complete toss up. I’ll take the home team.

LA CHARGERS (-3.5) Miami: Another game we don’t know what to expect. How will the Chargers deal with playing at home and the drama that comes with it? The Dolphins were in California during Hurricane Irma but that’s still a distraction. Once again, I’ll take the home team.

New York Jets (+13.5) OAKLAND: The Jets are bad but not that bad.

Washington (+2.5) LA RAMS: An upset on paper but Washington is the better team.

DENVER (+2.5) Dallas: Denver plays well at home and its asking a lot for the Cowboys to travel there and get a win. I’ll take the Broncos outright for the win.

San Francisco (+14) SEATTLE: I think the Niners are heading in the right direction and will be competitive today.

ATLANTA (-3) Green Bay: High-scoring affair with the Falcons’ defense proving to be the difference late.

NY GIANTS (-3) Detroit

This week: 0-1

Season: 0-1

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