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In this edition of The Sports Inquirer Show, we discuss:

-The continued impact of the coronavirus in the world of sports particularly the opening of training facilities for MLS and NBA teams, announced returns for NASCAR and LPGA, monitoring of the Korean Baseball League by North American sports leagues (4:00-10:00)

-The NFL Draft, particularly the quarterbacks selected, Andy Dalton signing with the Dallas Cowboys and the death of Don Shula in the Zone Blitz (10:00-30:00)

-The “Last Dance” documentary on the Chicago Bulls particularly the lack of love for the Detroit Pistons and Isiah Thomas, the impact of the “Dream Team” on international basketball, the pains of growing up as a New York Knicks fan, understanding Michael Jordan’s first retirement and whether we should care about the political and activist desires of athletes (30:00-55:00)

Sports Inquirer Show 90 (5.6.20): Coronavirus in sports, NFL Draft, don Shula, Last Dance documentary