In this edition of The Sports Inquirer Show, we discuss life in Atlanta (2:00-9:00), the start of the NBA Playoffs particularly the weakness of the Los Angeles Lakers, depth of the Western Conference, the top-heavy Eastern Conference and the need for the Boston Celtics to emerge as a contender in the Backdoor Cut (9:00-32:00), the continued postponement of college sports in the fall, the #wewanttoplay efforts of Ohio State football quarterback Justin Fields and its impact on the ACC, SEC and Sun Belt with audio from Yellow Jackets’ head coach Geoff Collins and Panthers’ head coach Shawn Elliott in the Technical State of Georgia Athletics (32:00-56:00) and the start of the NHL Playoffs, audio from new Atlanta United signee Erick “Cubo” Torres and what I’m watching on Netflix in the Miscellaneous Department (56:00-65:00)

Sports Inquirer Show 106: NBA playoffs preview, college football woes, NHL playoffs recap, Atlanta United, Netflix viewing (8.17.20) #sportsinquirer