In this edition of the Technical State of Georgia Athletics Podcast, we preview Georgia State’s basketball programs participating in the Sun Belt Tournament with audio from men’s head coach Rob Lanier (2:00-8:00) and exclusive interviews with women’s head coach Gene Hill (8:00-18:00) and player Kamryn Dziak (18:00-23:00), Georgia Tech men’s basketball’s win at Wake Forest and Georgia Tech women’s basketball win over Clemson in the ACC Tournament (23:00-25:00), Georgia Tech volleyball starting its spring season with audio from head coach Michelle Collier and players Erin Moss and Mariana Brambilla (25:00-34:00) as well as our exclusive interviews with Georgia State beach volleyball head coach Beth Van Fleet (34:00-42:00), Georgia State baseball player Ryan Watson (42:00-51:00) and Georgia State softball head coach Roger Kincaid (51:00-55:00).

Technical State of Georgia Athletics Podcast 6: Georgia Tech and Georgia State basketball, baseball, volleyball and softball (3.6.21)