The Sports Inquirer presents Gridiron Blitz: Week 9 Preview (11.7.21)

Gridiron Blitz: NFL Week 9 Preview (11.7.21)

In this edition of the Gridiron Blitz, we preview the ninth week of the NFL season.


Week 1: 6-9-1
Week 2: 3-13-0
Week 3: 9-7-0
Week 4: 9-7-0
Week 5: 7-8-1
Week 6: 7-7-0
Week 7: 7-5-0
Week 8: 4-11-0
Season: 52-68-2

Picks (home team in CAPS):

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS defeat New York Jets (win)
CINCINNATI BENGALS (-2.5) Cleveland Browns
DALLAS COWBOYS (-10) Denver Broncos
MIAMI DOLPHINS (-5.5) Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons (+6.5) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS
Las Vegas Raiders (-3) NEW YORK GIANTS
CAROLINA PANTHERS (+3.5) New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills (-14.5) JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS
BALTIMORE RAVENS (-6) Minnesota Vikings
PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (+1) Los Angeles Chargers
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-7) Green Bay Packers
LOS ANGELES RAMS (-7) Tennessee Titans
Chicago Bears (+6.5) PITTSBURGH STEELERS

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